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The term Banking refers to a broad mix of modern technologies which enable banks to offer better services to their customers in a secure, reliable and affordable manner. Banking solutions span a range of issues facing the banking IT community, including innovative payments technologies and security of personal data. The Banking innovations transform and enhance the whole industry as the players turn to technology in their search for sustainable competitive advantage over their competition.

Computools' Advantages for Banking

One of the biggest issues for the banks today is to continuing engagement with their customers, who use the mobile, web or digital platforms to access banking services. The average banking consumer expects more, demands it faster, and expects better results.Innovative technologies, available 24/7, can assist customers in many simple tasks. The pressure to do more with less has never been more acute for the banks. Computools develops and helps to implement predictive analytical tools to assist the banking community. To prevent being marginalized and pushed to the end of the value chain, banks are going to need to go beyond current products and services and create compelling l highly personalized and relevant services

Our industry expertise

Computools engineers develop software solutions for financial and banking institutions to help them engage with their increasingly more digital consumers better. See how we have helped our clients to apply BankingTech solution to be future-ready.


Trading platforms allow their customers online access to multiple investment and trading opportunities executable online. Be it US interest rates, Asian equities or cryptocurrencies, if a client has an investment thesis, online platforms are there to help the customer express it by taking a position in a relevant financial instrument.

Trading Challenges

Despite the trading industry’s steady growth, existing platform capabilities do not always meet the requirements of investors. Many of our clients faced problems such as a weak UI, transaction delays, lack of price uniformity and margin trading facility. In addition, a number of high-profile cryptocurrency hacks and heists created a heightened security awareness Computools’ main goal is to assist our clients in giving active traders an edge on the market and help them provide the fastest market and order management solutions in the industry.

Computools’ solutions

Our company offers cutting-edge trading software development solutions that help trading platforms engage with their clientele better and add new types of investable instruments to their arsenal. Have a look at our case studies to see how it went for our clients.


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